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The Balance of Gaia – Original Collection

The Balance of Gaia Original Collection is the first release of a trading card game with real plants and animals where two players compete to bring balance to their ecosystem. 

Growing Player Base

“I love Gaia because it’s real creatures and it’s extremely balanced. One of the best strategy games I’ve ever played.” 


“The Balance of Gaia is like chess but it’s easier to learn because every card explains how it plays.”  


“There is so much depth to The Balance of Gaia. I feel like I’m constantly learning new things from all the cards.” 


Respecting the Earth

The creators of The Balance of Gaia are two brothers who wanted to create a game that represented the true balance of nature. Every detail on every card was designed with real life in mind. A percentage of every sale goes to nonprofit organizations we partner with to protect endangered species and improve conservation efforts around the world. We hope our audience can use The Balance of Gaia to deepen their appreciation for Earth while enjoying a strategy game with their friends. 

Order today and begin your Balance of Gaia card collection with the Original Collection. You’ll receive everything you need in order to play the game with friends, build hundreds of unique decks, and compete with others as you attempt to become a Champion of Gaia. 

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